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1 a coarse plaster for the surface of external walls
2 a rough preliminary model


1 shape roughly
2 apply roughcast to; "roughcast a wall"
3 hew roughly, without finishing the surface; "rough-hew stone or timber" [syn: rough-hew]

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Pebble-dashing is a form of finishing to a brick or stone wall. The wall is coated with a mix of sand and cement into which small stones or chips have been mixed. The chips or stones give the finish a 'rough' look. It is also called roughcasting.
Pebbledashing (or roughcasting) is also used to describe a form of external Plastering similar to the above technique.

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arrested, backward, bat out, block out, botch, broken, bumpy, bungle, carve, cast, cement, chisel, choppy, coarse, coarse-grained, concrete, corrugated, create, cross-grained, crude, cut, dash off, do anyhow, do by halves, do carelessly, do offhand, efform, embryonic, fake up, fashion, figure, fix, forge, form, formalize, found, frame, fudge up, grainy, granulated, grout, hew, homespun, horripilant, in embryo, in ovo, in the rough, inequal, irregular, jolty, jury-rig, knead, knock off, knock out, knock together, lash up, lay out, lick into shape, linsey-woolsey, mastic, mint, model, mold, mortar, oversimple, parget, patch, patch together, patch up, pimply, pitted, plaster, pocky, potholed, pound out, rank, reductionistic, reductive, ripply, rough, rough out, rough-cast, rough-grained, rough-hewn, roughhew, roughhewn, rude, rudimental, rudimentary, ruffled, rutted, rutty, sculpt, sculpture, set, shagged, shaggy, shape, simplistic, slap up, stamp, stucco, stunted, tailor, textured, thermoform, throw off, throw together, toss off, toss out, toss together, trifle with, unblown, uncultivated, uncultured, uncut, underdeveloped, undeveloped, uneven, unfashioned, unfinished, unformed, unhewn, unkempt, unlabored, unlevel, unlicked, unpolished, unprocessed, unrefined, unsmooth, untreated, ununiform, unworked, unwrought, whomp up, wimpled, work
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